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Lauren Phillips

Located in LOS ANGELES, CA

Call: 818-252-9892

**Also, I require a non-refundable deposit to hold and confirm your appointment through Cashapp or Venmo. **

Los Angeles Dates

Jan 13th thru 15th

Jan 17th thru 21st


Las Vegas Dates

Jan 23rd thru the 27th



Jan 23rd thru 27th - Las Vegas, NV

Jan 31st thru Feb 4th - San Fran, CA

March 20th thru 22rd - Dallas, TX 

April 8th & 9th - Houston, TX

April 13th thru 16th - Chicago, IL

May 11th thru 14th - Miami, FL


May 19th thru 23rd - NJ & NYC

June 6th thru 8th - Philly, PA

June 27th thru 30th - Miami, FL

July 2nd & 3rd - Atlanta, GA 

July 5th & 6th - Boston, MA

Aug 8th thru 11th - Tampa, FL

Aug 22nd thru 24th - Dallas, TX

Sept 11th thru 13th - Denver, CO

Oct 3rd thru 6th - Tampa, FL

Oct 23rd thru 27th - New Jersey

Oct 28th thru 30th - NYC

Oct 31st thru Nov 5th - Philly, PA

Dec 5th thru 8th - DC

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